CocaCola Can material demo

This is a simple demo of a Coca-Cola can rendered in papervision3D. I wanted to make it look really shiny and metallic. The model and the textures are not very optimized, and it may take some time to load or run a bit slow on some computers. Changing the quality to low makes it run a bit faster. 

Click on the picture to see the SWF. It might take some time to load (~700 kb) and there isn’t any preloader. Have fun!



3 Responses to CocaCola Can material demo

  1. justlost says:

    That’s exelent! love the reflection effect. Thought I whish pv3d had some kind of anti-aliasing. Thats a pretty good test I say!

  2. Rafeo says:

    Hey , it looks so nice!

  3. Katie-Jane Long says:

    Amazing! It is an excellent picture to display on my Technology project. =D

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